To switch off or leave on ?

A question we are asked quite often is ‘should lights be turned off when leaving a room’? There is not a simple yes or no answer, it depends entirely on what lamps are being used.

Incandescent lamp only use 10% of their energy for light, the rest is exuded as heat. They do not need extra power to achieve full brightness therefore their use of energy is completely dependent upon the amount of time they are switched on. They are highly inefficient and should be turned off when not needed.

LED lighting achieves instant brightness and is highly energy efficient, and the fact that is not made with glass or fuses means that it is much more robust. LEDs also have a much longer operating life which, together with its other properties, means they can be switched off and on as much as you like.

The other type of lamp that is now losing out to LEDs is the CFL (compact fluorescent light). Although more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, the lifespan of the CFLs is reduced by switching on and off so it is advised that they are only switched off if you are likely to be out of the room for more than 15 minutes.

It is worth knowing that about 11% of our energy costs are due to lighting our homes so it is advisable to switch to LED wherever possible.

We at Fusion Lighting highly recommend LED lamps and have a huge range of good quality LED lamps that are also dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch.

We also have many decorative LED lamps on display and now have the Wiz range of smart lighting lamps that boast a massive 16 million colours on display to show you.

We try our best to only sell lights that are compatible with LED,s or have a Integral LED lamp built in.

Since changing our display lights from incandescent lamps to led lamps we have saved a whopping 87% on our energy cost.

Another huge difference we have noticed  is that the shop is not baking hot in the summer from all of the hot lamps we used to have on.