An LED Background

LED technology came in the early twentieth century, when British scientist H. J. Round found electroluminescence, this then led to the discovery of the 'Light Emitting Diode'.

Once the LED was developed, they were mostly commonly used  as indicator bulbs for electronic devices such as remote controls. They then progressed to being used for simple digital displays, such as digital clocks. LED technology has progressed so much, that today LED is one of the most popular forms of light, from light bulbs to digital display panels and much more.

LED's come in many shapes and sizes now, whether it's LED IP rated strips lights, or one of the vintage filament lamps. The possibilities with LED really are endless. 

LED Facts and Tips

  • It’s a fact that LED bulbs are more expensive than CFL and incandescent bulbs. However, the return on investment is large, the main positive is that electricity bills will be much lower as LED uses between 80-85% less energy. It also means that there is a lower cost to maintain the bulbs.
  • Not only do LED’s come in every colour you can think of, they are also measured in ‘Colour Temperature’ – called ‘Kelvin’ or ‘K’ for short. For a warmer lighting indoors, aim for 2000 to 4500k. For outdoor lighting we would recommend 5000 to 7500k.
  • LED’s generate very little heat compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. This makes LED perfect for areas that are low level lighting, under cabinets, kitchen kickboards, childrens bedrooms, computer server rooms – the list is endless!
  • Maintenance of LED bulbs is very low. Simply because you don’t need to change the lamp as often as an incandescent. On average, LED bulbs last for around 15,000 hours. So no need to worry about getting the step ladders out to change the lamp again for a while!
  • Switching over to LED is simple. We recommend that you carry out the replacement in sections. Perhaps think about the lamps that are used the most, and replace those first. If you use dimmer switches, then be sure to check back for our blog about choosing the right dimmer, coming soon. 

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